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Navigating Our Return to the Gym: Turn a Dial, Don’t Flip a Switch

Gosh, I cannot wait to get back in the gym with a barbell on my back. I’ve had the thought many times; day-dreamed about that first workout back with barbells and plates and all the heavy kettlebells I can hope to lift. However, I’ve also had to check my thinking and stop it in its … Continue reading Navigating Our Return to the Gym: Turn a Dial, Don’t Flip a Switch

So, you want to do a kettlebell snatch?

So, you want to learn how to hardstyle kettlebell snatch? Here's a progression to take you from the swing to the snatch!

The Number on the Scale is JUST a Number

I donate plasma and a recent experience while donating inspired today’s post. The majority of the advice and conversations regarding health and fitness make me chuckle to myself when I’m there, but this one really got me thinking. Before we get into it, let’s set up a little context. For those unfamiliar with the process, … Continue reading The Number on the Scale is JUST a Number

The Confidence Gap

This week’s post is specifically for the ladies. Gentlemen, keep reading if you’re interested, or share it with a close friend, spouse, or coworker! I referenced this in a recent Instagram post. The caption reads: There’s a phenomenon referred to as “The Confidence Gap”. In general, women underestimate their abilities while men overestimate. Strength … Continue reading The Confidence Gap


This week on the podcast, I talked about building self-confidence and being unapologetically yourself.  In 2018 my goal is to be more positive and optimistic, regardless of the situation. One way that I’ve been doing this is to recognize negative thoughts and, especially, negative self-talk. Negative self-talk is defined as the act or practice of … Continue reading Refocus

Don’t Wait for 2018. Start Today.

Do you prefer to listen? Check out my podcast, The Missing Piece on iTunes and Soundcloud. I expand on many of the points and offer my experience, as well as offer suggestions that you can incorporate into your life! It was a running joke during my freshman year of college that we would “start on … Continue reading Don’t Wait for 2018. Start Today.