Eight Things You NEED to Stop Doing to Lose Weight

We often think about what we need to START doing to lose weight. But what about what we should STOP doing? Here are eight things you need to stop doing if you want to lose weight!

So, you want to do a kettlebell snatch?

So, you want to learn how to hardstyle kettlebell snatch? Here's a progression to take you from the swing to the snatch!

Stress Management: Overlooked and (Often) Under Appreciated

At Unity Fitness, we always work toward our goals in a multi-faceted approach. Getting into the gym and training, making sure our nutrition is in check, and sleeping and taking rest days from the gym are all easily noticeable to others around us as we make changes to our lifestyle. However, arguably the most important … Continue reading Stress Management: Overlooked and (Often) Under Appreciated