Don’t Wait for 2018. Start Today.

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It was a running joke during my freshman year of college that we would “start on Monday”. Eventually, we all found our path and our own days to start, some earlier than others. I always laugh when I think about “starting Monday” and “8-minute abs” in the dorm room. It was a bonding experience for us. Having running jokes, meeting new people, working out and talking about eating healthy is a form of bonding.

New Year’s Resolutions are the same. By starting on New Year’s, with the rest of the world, you’re bonded to them. It gives you a common ground with your coworker in the break room. But I’m challenging you to break that, start today. Of course, come New Year’s you’ll have a lot of friends likely joining in with you, but why wait until everyone else is ready, if you have the opportunity to start now? Here are 10 reasons to start today, not wait until 2018.

Increase your focus on healthy habits during the holidays.

It’s no secret the holidays are difficult to navigate when you have a fitness goal and you want to stay on track. Although Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are only three total days, the celebrations and family parties can span weeks. By choosing to incorporate a few healthy habits now, instead of waiting until the new year, you’ll be able to get a head start. Personally, I focus on maintaining during the holidays. This allows be to indulge and enjoy foods I normally wouldn’t, but also not completely derail from any progress I’ve been making.

Learn to get up and go early.

It makes you feel more productive throughout the day. Fitting in a workout early, before anyone else wakes up eliminates the excuses when you want to leave to get a workout in while family is around. In addition, working out early and getting that first endorphin boost, starts you off on the right foot for the day.

There will always be a next “perfect day”.

The day after your birthday. New Years. All times people ordinarily choose to begin a workout program or start incorporating those healthy habits. But why not today? If you’re reading/listening on the day this is released, it’s a Monday. Perfect. If you’re reading/listening the day after, it’s Tuesday. Equally perfect. The best time to make a change is now, before you start thinking too much about it.

What do you gain by waiting?

A tough-love question, but it’s honest. We’ve already established that there will be another perfect day; New Year’s Day isn’t magic. If it was, there would be infinite number of New Year’s resolutions accomplished every year. So, what do you gain by waiting? Why not get a head start and start building the small habits today that will set you up for success in 2018?

The gym will be crowded after the New Year.

It’s no secret that after January 1st the gym will be packed with “resolutioners”. As a fitness professional, I love it. I wrote an article last year about how I love “resolutioners” and I hope that everyone who sets a resolution keeps it and accomplishes that goal. Check it out here! However, I encourage you all to get a head start on the craziness. The machines are free and empty because people often “take breaks for the holiday”. There is fitness staff waiting and ready to help you start your journey TODAY.

Working out and eating healthy boosts your immune system.

It’s no secret that the holidays are filled with travel. Sometimes it’s a quick car ride, other times it’s a cross-country flight, to spend time with family and loved-ones. For those that don’t travel, you’re lucky enough to most likely have family come to you. Either way, we’re exposed to people we usually do not see. It’s likely you’re going to be exposed to germs. Maintaining healthy eating habits and a workout program, boosts your immune system against these potential sicknesses.

Give yourself the gift of “me-time”.

Working out is a built-in hour to your day in which you can get away from the craziness and focus on yourself. You can reset and re-charge before taking on the rest of the day with family and friends. By allowing yourself to have this uninterrupted me-time, you are able to be better engaged with the present moment when you are spending time with friends and family, making memories and enjoying each other’s company.

You have goals you want to reach.

Starting now, instead of January 1st, is only going to give you a head start. Like I said, you don’t gain anything by waiting. Starting today, allows you to make progress towards your goals, even if that progress is mental and the beginnings of healthy habits prior to adding in the more difficult habits. There’s so much to celebrate around the holidays, why not celebrate your progress as well?

Physical activity reduces stress.

The holidays are stressful. Although there are laughs and good times and relaxation, any family gathering has a layer of added stress, especially if you’re the host. Getting out in the morning for a good workout allows you to release some of that stress. The endorphin high starts you off on a positive note for the rest of the day.

Your future self will thank you.

It’s cliché and we see the quote often: “A year ago, you’ll wish you had started today.” But sometimes, things are cliché because they’re true. Last week, we talked about my fitness journey a little bit on the podcast, I can’t tell you how many times I looked at the calendar and was frustrated with myself because another month had passed without any forward progress towards my weight loss goal – simply because I was not putting in the effort. Start today by choosing one thing and let the snowball roll from there.

You don’t have drastically change your life today. Fitness is a journey and it’s about incorporating small changes into your lifestyle as you are able. Pick a small change and incorporate it today. Start with small things that lead up to your New Year’s Resolution, if that helps you. Set a goal to maintain your weight, not gain, over the holiday season. By starting today, you’re only further setting yourself up for success in 2018.

Did this article get you thinking about your New Year’s resolutions? What are some of your thoughts? What are you going to do today to get a head start on 2018?

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