My Journey to Gluten Free

I hesitated making a post about this, but I honestly cook too much & share too many recipes for this to go unnoticed. And before I start into the story, I want to say something that I still stand by: There are no 'good' or 'bad' foods, unless you are allergic to or have a … Continue reading My Journey to Gluten Free

Tried and True Meal Prep Tips

I have been meal prepping for years. I remember having college roommates who didn’t totally understand why my space in the fridge would be jam-packed with food, and I’m sure there were times that I annoyed them when I took up a few spaces too many. But it was worth it. While I love having … Continue reading Tried and True Meal Prep Tips

Don’t Fall Victim to Group-Think

There is a trend right now toward intuitive eating and not counting macros, which has been popular among the fitness community for some time. While I agree that intuitive eating can be quite freeing and a liberating step for some people, for others it may not fit with their goals or they may not feel … Continue reading Don’t Fall Victim to Group-Think