4 Ways to Select Appropriate Weight

Selecting a weight truly makes or breaks a workout. If it’s too heavy, we can potentially choose a weight that’s too heavy to complete the reps and sets prescribed. On the flip side, if it’s too light, we might not feel the exercise is really doing much of anything. Today, we’re talking about four ways to select a proper weight when completing an exercise.

A Note from Me to You

A quick note this week from me to you. It’s something I’ve been talking about on the blog since 2016 and still holds true today – in my coaching and on this podcast. Simple as that.

3 Ways to Get More Out of Your Training

Do you prefer to listen? This originally aired as a podcast episode on Fuel Your Freedom! You can search and find it on all major podcast platforms or by clicking here! Today, we’re talking about three ways to get more out of your training…WITHOUT just implementing variety, increasing load or adding volume. So, if you’re … Continue reading 3 Ways to Get More Out of Your Training