A Note from Me to You

Today’s blog is inspired by something a member said to me last week. As always, you can listen to this blog here on the podcast or on all major podcast platforms!

E032 | What is Your Pre-Workout Routine? Fuel Your Freedom

Part of her quote is as follows:

It’s empowering to have a problem and, because you’ve taught me, be able to apply the solution.

Freaking incredible.

In 2016, I wrote a blog post titled: “Confident and Competent: My Goal for Clients”. You can still find it to this day on my website.

This is something that I’ve held true for the entirety of my career. I don’t want clients to rely on me. I believe that personal autonomy and control over their program is key to their success in their fitness journey.

Coming into the gym and executing is only one step of the process. If you don’t buy in, if you don’t feel like you own your program, you’re missing a big piece of the process.

It doesn’t feel like you’re DOING anything when you’re just executing.

We need to know the why behind what you’re doing. How does the movement you’re doing in the gym prepare you for life outside of it? A good coach should be able to answer that question for each and every exercise on your program.

As a coach, I want YOU to know the exercise. I want YOU to build an arsenal of movements that you know will loosen your lower back when it’s feeling tight or stretch your hips if you’ve been sitting a lot.

That’s the power that fitness holds.

It’s the power to feel in control of your body.

It’s the power to feel strong.

It’s the power to feel accomplished at the end of your workout.

It’s the power to feel empowered.

That’s one of the goals of this podcast as well.

I want you to learn information, absolutely. But simply learning information without applying it is useless.

We have to apply that information. We have to take action on it.

As you listen to these podcasts, build your arsenal of actions. Make yourself a pile of solutions to potential problems. Even if you don’t experience it right now, knowing that you have the solution to a problem is empowering in and of itself. You’re not afraid to step into the position because you already know what to do when you get there.


So, this week, take note of potential solutions to problems in your life. Start to compile a list of solutions. Own your workouts. Instead of simply executing, learn the why and how an exercise connects to your life. Take responsibility over your nutrition. Before reacting to a problem, look into your arsenal and see if you have a solution already in there. Take empowered action.

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