Back to Basics: Nutition

On Monday, I talked about we’ve strayed too far from the basics of exercise. Clients are looking for the quick fix. The fitness industry is fully saturated and coaches are trying to stand out among the thousands of people. But it's not only exercise, we see this in nutrition as well. Coaches are advising clients … Continue reading Back to Basics: Nutition

Back to Basics

This week, I have an article for my coaches and fitness professionals who read my blog. If you're an exerciser, be sure to check out the podcast episode that goes with this article. You may find it more helpful. Last week, I referenced how the fitness industry is failing. Despite this, the industry is growing. … Continue reading Back to Basics

The Basics of Peer-Reviewed Research: Finding Reliable and Accurate Information

Limited are the days of searching for information in books at the library. Though some college professors still require it, the majority of research and information seeking is now online. It's more common to see people searching online databases as opposed to combing through bookshelves. Having nearly unlimited information at our fingertips is amazing. No … Continue reading The Basics of Peer-Reviewed Research: Finding Reliable and Accurate Information

The Dunning-Kruger Effect

A member of a Facebook group posted this and, although the group is related to hiking 14ers (mountains over 14,000 feet in elevation at the summit), I got to thinking about how this graphic relates to fitness and making it your lifestyle. Some of you may have already gone through some of the steps of … Continue reading The Dunning-Kruger Effect