Simple, but not easy

The start of a new year is ripe with possibility.

Motivation is high and our minds run wild with plans to change, improve, “hack”, adjust, remodel, revamp, and replace things that no longer serve us.

On any other day, these would be goals, but in the new year, we call these “resolutions”. Furthering their power and prestige in our lives.

We may even use all the tools: utilizing SMART goals, finding our “why”, and breaking goals down into manageable steps. Our paper on plan looks great; it’s beautiful.

But in all this we forget one small thing: It’s going to be hard.

We can make the steps as simple as can be, but there’s going to be a number of pivotal decisions.

In this time, we can either stay with what we know, with what is comfortable, or we can break into the unknown and the uncomfortable. This can take a number of forms.

It can be getting out of bed as soon as the alarm rings vs. hitting snooze.

It can be holding ourselves accountable for early morning or after work training sessions.

It can be leaving the extra treats on the grocery store shelves because we know they don’t help us move forward toward our goals.

These things all sound simple. But they can be the furthest thing from easy.

It’s quite literally in our genes to want to remain comfortable. In biology, they call this level of normal homeostasis. When they’re out of this homeostasis, they try to return to normal as soon as possible. Our bodies thrive here and they want us to stay.

But, progress lies in the uncomfortable. It lies in making the choices and the small changes that bring us toward our goals, no matter how difficult they may be in execution.

As we forge forward in 2021, remember that there will be tough times. There will be moments when the perfect plan on paper seems impossible. Heck, there will be times when the snooze button wins.

But it’s not those single moments that will define your year.

Go back and read that again.

YOU are not defined by your failures and neither is your year.

You are capable of difficult things. You are capable of pushing through the uncomfortable moments into the future. And it will get easier. You just have to move forward and take it one day at a time.

I wrote my first Instagram post on this idea of taking each day as a clean slate. You can check it out below!

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