Fuel Your Freedom

Let’s start with a story.

Four years ago, I thought it would be a good idea to start a podcast. I titled it “The Missing Piece”. I created graphics, social media content, and recorded six episodes.

Then, I quit.

I was overthinking everything. I wanted it to be perfect before I released each episode. For a single episode, I went through HOURS of editing, re-recording, and preparation each week. It wasn’t worth it at the time. So I quit.

But, I loved doing it. I loved chatting with the microphone and chatting with my audience, just like I do with our members at Unity!

So, here we go again.

This time, I committing to not letting perfection stop me from doing it. I’m not going to edit the episodes – It’s going to be a raw, uncut, and unedited chat about whatever the topic is for that day. I’m going to write in a description or expand on it in the blog post, and I’m going to hit publish.


All that to say, there will be mistakes, edits, and places for improvement. But that’s just like our fitness journey, right? It’s about taking that step forward. It’s about taking action and doing the things – even if it’s not perfect on the first try. Heck, there’s already a hiccup in the audio recording and the video graphic that I’ll fix next week 😉

So, without further ado, I introduce to you: The Fuel Your Freedom Podcast.

Let’s talk about what you’ll listen to and learn from this show.

Are you lost in the traditional fitness world of eating bland, meal-prepped meals, after you finish workouts that make you so sore you can’t walk for days, and scrutinizing your body in every mirror that you walk past? Do you feel like your fitness journey is a constant battle of running yourself into the ground, but never making progress toward your goals? This podcast is for you. It’s time to break the cycle and find what truly works for you. It’s time to find a better way. It’s time to fuel your freedom.

Whether you’ve been training for years or are looking to take the first steps in your health and fitness journey, they show will fuel your body, mind, and soul to break free from what we’ve heard in the past and find YOUR version of health and fitness – one that works for YOU.

If any of all of this sounds familiar, this podcast is for you. It’s time to break the cycle and find what truly works. It’s time to find a better way. It’s time to fuel your freedom.

New episodes are coming soon to all major podcast platforms – I’ll make the announcement when they’re live! Before they’re approved, you can watch on Youtube or listen by clicking below.

If you have any suggestions for topics, questions you want answered, or are looking for help in your health and fitness journey let me know. Leave a comment, connect with me on Facebook, or DM me on Instagram – each account is linked by clicking the picture below!

Make sure you’re following me and the podcast, so you’re notified when the first episode is released!

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