6 Performance Metrics You Should Be Tracking

While weight loss (or fat loss, more specifically), is a popular goal and one that draws many people into the world of health and fitness, it’s NOT the only goal that you can have. In fact, I would argue that there are performance goals that are more important and crucial to success in your health and fitness journey. Today, we’re talking about six metrics you can track to see progress that aren’t just a number on the scale.

Lean into the Discomfort

Life can be uncomfortable. Health and fitness can be uncomfortable. This week, we’re unpacking why it pays to lean into that discomfort. How when we do push through it, we find out what change is awaiting us on the other side. Because you ARE capable of still moving forward, despite feelings of discomfort.

Fuel Your Freedom

Let's start with a story. Four years ago, I thought it would be a good idea to start a podcast. I titled it "The Missing Piece". I created graphics, social media content, and recorded six episodes. Then, I quit. I was overthinking everything. I wanted it to be perfect before I released each episode. For … Continue reading Fuel Your Freedom