Why You Should Explore a New Goal

Key word: explore. Today’s episode explores my background with running and I share my story of where and when I started. This is used as context as to why you should go explore, or try, that thing you want to do. We talk about the magic in exploring vs. committing to a big process.

Listen to Your Body, Not Your Fitness Watch

There are HUNDREDS of fitness watches and other monitoring devices for our fitness. It started with step counters but has expanded to a huge variety of products that measure not only step counts, but heart rate, HRV, sleep status, and countless other metrics. It’s honestly crazy. But, how much attention and stake should we place in these numbers? In this episode, we dive into all things fitness trackers.

Learning to Love the Process

A health and fitness journey is a lifetime. Often, we set out with a goal, pick an end date, and it's full steam ahead from there. But, in reality, our fitness journey never really ends. We may achieve some goals but others are right around the corner to take their place. This is why I'm … Continue reading Learning to Love the Process

Lessons Learned Running in the Woods

“We’re heartbroken to inform you that the in-person 2020 race has been cancelled." I started running consistently in March, mostly to get out of the house, if I’m being completely honest. But then, it just became something I did. I was a runner. I’m still trying to let that one sink in: I am a … Continue reading Lessons Learned Running in the Woods