Your Trainer Struggles Too

When this article came to mind on my early drive to work one Tuesday morning, the working title was “Your Trainer Struggles, Just Like You.” But, as I started writing, I realized I’m not here to say anyone’s struggles are the same as other’s. They’re not. Even when comparing two people with seemingly identical life situations. So, I changed the title, but the message remains the same.

Recently, I had a conversation who’s working through a coach to 5k program. Currently, she runs and walks mostly using the treadmill. If you asked me to run a single mile on the treadmill, sure I could physically do it. But would it be enjoyable? Absolutely not! I don’t enjoy every part of fitness and workouts; it’s not all easy or fun or exciting. Sometimes it’s a grind.

Though I can’t speak for my fellow trainers:

I don’t have perfect form for every exercise in the book.

I don’t want to eat healthy all of the time.

I don’t work out as hard I possibly can every day of the week. (Even though my Dad and sister would probably disagree, based on my Apple Watch sharing alerts.)

I haven’t always sat in a healthy body fat percentage range.

I don’t live in a bubble away from advertisements, grocery store temptations, and fast food restaurants.

I don’t love my body every second of every day.

If anyone says it’s easy to live a healthy lifestyle, they’re likely lying. It may consist of simple changes, but it’s definitely not easy. Everyone struggles with something, even the trainers at the gym who seem to have it all together.

I’ve dialed in my form and tried a variety of exercise disciplines.

I’ve learned to recognize the foods that fuel my body and how I feel after eating them.

I’ve pushed myself to make exercise and movement a habit, while still incorporating rest days.

I’ve lost, regained, and re-lost body fat.

I’ve fallen victim to the advertisements and “quick fixes” in the advertisements.

I’ve… Well actually, I haven’t found the end-all-be-all solution to self-love, but I’m working on it.

We’ve all moved through struggles, some similar to one another and some completely different. I’ve recently shared my transformation over the past year on Instagram. Maybe yours is similar, maybe its not. Regardless, I encourage you to continue working toward whatever your fitness goal is.

Are my struggles just like yours? No, but chances are your struggles aren’t identical to your spouse, my other clients, or fellow gym members. But that doesn’t change the fact we all struggle with this crazy journey in living a healthier lifestyle.  My job, as a trainer, is to encourage you to join me on the path I’m hiking. I haven’t reached the top of the mountain, I don’t think anyone ever does in health and fitness. But I have learned to enjoy the views along the way.

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