The Missing Piece

Well, it’s been a long time coming.

Usually I’m on good terms with technology, but this project was a whole other story. I’ve been trying to start and upload a podcast and although every website and resource I looked at said something to the effect of “Start Your Podcast with These Easy Steps.”


There were no easy steps. But I think I’m finally through the tough stuff and now just waiting for iTunes to approve my first episode.

So why a podcast?

Yes, it seems podcasting is the new trend. But why is this? Why is long-form audio becoming more popular in an age when we’re constantly about the immediacy of information and desire for instant gratification?

I think it coincides with the “trend” (I hate describing this as a trend, but for the sake of the comparison.) of more science-based research. We no longer just want to know that eating tilapia, rice, and veggies on an individualized meal plan will help you lose weight. We want to know why. We want to know if that’s truly the best or only way.

Science and research gives us this why. But science and research cannot be explained in a 5-8 minute YouTube video or a 140-character tweet. We need something more.

Here we find podcasting.

An audio file, delivered for free, that you can listen to while doing other things. It allows for deeper explanation of topics and time to bring in the research piece that often gets left out of shorter media. In my opinion, it’s the perfect platform to deliver content on all things fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle.

I listen to a lot of podcasts. But in the world of health and fitness, there’s something that is missing; I want to fill this gap. There are podcasts that are lifestyle based and some that are research based. However, one thing separates the two: the majority of lifestyle based podcasts are females. The majority of research based podcasts are males. I find that the podcasts I personally get the most out of are from males, with a few exceptions of course.


I want to be a voice in a place where there aren’t many female voices.

My goal of this podcast is to deliver content that not only covers reliable and accurate information in the world of health and fitness. To be the voice in between – some lifestyle information, but a lot of usable research-based information in the field of health and fitness.

Each episode, I want to leave you with something for you to take home. An idea or strategy you can implement into your life. These will vary; some will be larger than others. Some may come in steps from week to week or build on one another. One thing will be constant: each episode of The Missing Piece will give you something to actually use in your life. I promise.

These nuggets of information or action items will center around a common theme: making fitness a part of your lifestyle. To live a healthier life, fitness and nutrition doesn’t have to take over your life. It simply has to become a piece of the puzzle.

What topics do you want to hear about? Leave a comment below or check me out of Twitter or Instagram to tell me your ideas!

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