What is “Fitness as a Lifestyle”?


Compared to the time that was spent on colors and fonts, choosing a tagline was surprisingly easy for me. Making fitness a lifestyle is not a change that initially consumes your life. It is a series of small changes.

Are you struggling to make it to the gym after a busy day at work? Change your routine and get up in the morning.

Are you finding it hard to reach for healthy snacks vs. the chips that are in the bag on top of the fridge? At the beginning of the week, prepare and cut veggies to keep in the fridge.

Do you always find yourself saying that you’ll start your workout on Monday? Start you workout program on that Tuesday or Thursday or Saturday.

But don’t try to get up early, replace all your “unhealthy” snacks with veggies, and start your workout on the day that you have back to back to back meetings or a project due at midnight all on the same day.

“Fitness as a Lifestyle” does not mean spending all day in the gym, eating 100% clean, and never pausing to truly live your life. It does mean:

  • Being conscious of what you eat throughout the day
  • Finding exercise you truly enjoy and making it a habit
  • Balancing healthy eating and working out, but still having a donut occasionally

So join me in your own fitness journey. Throughout, our paths may run parallel or cross, but they will forever be our own as you live with fitness as a lifestyle.


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